From critical tracking, GEGO Tracking Solutions has designed and developed tailor-made platforms that enhanced the performance, productivity, and security of
small and large corporations around the world.

Reasons Why Our Customers Trust Us

Flight Data

Our solution seamlessly integrates with air transportation, allowing you to monitor your shipments efficiently and in real-time.

Easy Shipment

Our intuitive portal makes it easy to create and manage shipments, saving you time and simplifying your logistics processes.  


With our API, you can easily connect our platform with your existing systems, ensuring seamless integration.


We offer affordable customization options tailored to your specific needs, without compromising on quality or budget.

Who Chooses Us

RedBull Racing

“A game-changer at our operations”

The world’s leading Formula 1 team sought a solution to enhance the tracking of their international shipments. With the need to transport various competition-related items to each Formula 1 circuit worldwide, they required a specialized tracking system that could seamlessly integrate with their international air shipments.

United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS)

Saving lives, one shipment at a time

In the race against time, ensuring the safe and efficient delivery of organs across the United States is paramount. The implementation of a real-time tracking system for exhaustive monitoring of organ shipments, even during flights, provides unparalleled transparency and control over them.

Cargo theft incidents per day in the US
Of stolen cargo is related to food and beverages
Billions annually estimated in loses
Of cargo theft happens in transit

Our Market Experience

As the creators of LUGLOC, the world's first luggage locator, this is the result of 12 years of experience developing tracking solutions.

In our pursuit of excellence, in 2020 we introduced GEGO Tracking Solutions, a division dedicated to resolving tracking requirements of small and large corporations.

What sets us apart is our user-friendly platform, requiring minimal training, distinguishing us from other logistics portals that can be challenging to navigate.

We particularly excel in critical medical shipments and other industries that demand a flawless tracking solution.

Ensuring the safety and efficient tracking of your valuable shipments is our priority.