GEGO GPS is Approved by Leading Cargo Airlines Worldwide

We continue improving. GEGO GPS tracker device has received approval from the leading cargo airlines worldwide! ✈ GEGO GPS meets the rigorous requirements of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and other regulatory bodies, ensuring its total safety during cargo flights. This milestone underscores our commitment to excellence and quality. The approval from top cargo airlines is a testimony to the reliability and compliance […]

Exploring GEGO Tracking Solutions Features: IDLE NOTIFICATION

Ever wondered how to optimize the performance of your logistics operations? GEGO Tracking Solutions has taken logistic efficiency to a new level with its innovative «Idle Notification» feature. What is Idle Notification? GEGO Tracking Solutions’ Idle Notification feature is a key tool to ensure your assets are always in motion when needed. This intelligent feature detects prolonged periods of inactivity in […]

Embracing the Journey: From LUGLOC to GEGO TRACKING SOLUTIONS

In the heart of our innovation lies a story of passion, determination, and the relentless pursuit of solving age-old problems. We are the creators of LugLoc, a game-changing luggage tracker that shook up the world of geo-tracking solutions worldwide. Our tale begins with a challenge familiar to many: lost luggage. Nicolas Keglevich, the visionary founder of ASSIST […]

Securing Shipments: A Four-Step Guide to prevent Holiday Cargo Theft

‘Tis the season for festive lights, joyful gatherings, and unfortunately, an uptick in cargo theft. While the holiday season brings a surge in shipments, it also attracts opportunistic thieves looking to intercept vulnerable packages. According to a report from CargoNet during last year’s holiday season, 176 thefts resulted in a staggering loss of over $6 million between December 23 and […]

GEGO Tracking Solutions: Revolutionizing Logistics for Critical Medical Shipments

A major courier company faced a critical situation – losing visibility on a cancer patient’s dose in transit. How GEGO Tracking Solutions Stepped In: – Real-Time Visibility: GEGO’s cutting-edge tracking technology provided up-to-the-minute location data, ensuring accuracy about the shipment’s whereabouts. – Operational Efficiency: IR (CA)* leveraged GEGO’s data to communicate the exact location to the courier company, streamlining the […]

Burrito Breakdown: How GEGO Saved the Day in the Great Mexican Food Case

In the fast-paced world of logistics, timely deliveries are crucial for businesses. This case study explores how GEGO Tracking Solutions played a pivotal role in addressing a unique challenge faced by a transport company. Unforeseen Challenge Our client, a leading transport company, encountered an unforeseen delay when a shipment failed to reach its destination on time. The driver transporting […]

Enhance Efficiency and Security with GEGO Tracking Solutions

In today’s fast-paced business world, efficient supply chain management and robust security measures are crucial for success. With GEGO Tracking Solutions, businesses can optimize their operations, enhance efficiency, and ensure the safety of their valuable assets. Learn how GEGO’s cutting-edge GPS tracking system can revolutionize your business operations. Streamline Supply Chain Management: GEGO Tracking Solutions empower […]

Precise Shipment Tracking with GEGO: Elevate Your Logistics Experience

Tracking shipments becomes effortless and convenient with GEGO. Right from the moment a shipment is created, GEGO initiates real-time tracking, providing continuous updates and alerts at every stage. Whether the shipment is in transit, at a stopover, or en route to its final destination, GEGO ensures the company stays well-informed with precise and accurate information throughout […]