Share your asset's exact location and temperature in real time with GEGO’s new shipments feature.

Steph Claire
2 Minutes

We’re excited to announce the release of our most recent feature: Shared Shipments. This feature makes it possible to give a third party read-only access to view and monitor their assets in real-time.

Share shipments is truly a very innovative feature in our platform for customers who want to share the benefits of real-time visibility to their partners or end customers. As you probably experienced, most companies that ship something have to deal with frequent calls/emails from their clients worried about where their assets are. GEGO can give you access to that vital information, so, instead of spending time sending e-mails and trying to reach the shipper every ten minutes, the end customer can track their shipments in real-time using the GEGO tracking link.

How does it work? Just set up a shipment in the “shipments” section in the web platform, click “share shipment” and add your clients email, he will receive an access link ready to view it’s shipment in real-time.

And if you want to take that access away, just navigate back to the shipments section and click on revoke access to deactivate the tracking link.

With Shared shipments, you can give tranquility to your customers and make it easy to track important shipments. To learn more about how GEGO can give you a high level of visibility on your supply chain, please contact us.

What makes GEGO the best tracker on the market?

GEGO is the only tracker on the market with a US Patent (#20110241874A1). It means our unique technology allows the device to automatically switch off and on when the plane takes off and lands. This is what makes it fully compliant with TSA, FAA, IATA and all air regulations. It also means GEGO is allowed to be inside any  kind of shipment.