Identify and reduce in-transit damage throughout your supply chain

Tom Benedini
3 Minutes

Identify and reduce in-transit damage throughout your supply chain

Most of the common challenges for high-value manufacturers is the identification and reduction of in-transit damage in their supply chain. From food manufacturers to automotive parts, logistics managers struggle to understand what happens to their assets when being transported from one point to another. Their task is to reduce product damage, but with no real-time awareness it’s really difficult to see where the problem is.

  • Temperature control:

There is a concern in most fruit production companies that a large amount of fruit and money is lost every season due to breaks in the fruit export cold chain. Any rise in temperature above the product appropriate set point will result in lowering the quality of the product, the higher the peak temperatures, the more severe the reduction quality. With GEGO we aim to get rid of these problems so we have incorporated temperature control as well as real-time geolocation so you can have full control of your merchandise.

  • Shock sensors:

Logistics managers know that their assets are at a high risk of damage during transport and shipments. An attached GEGO tracking device gives you full visibility with its built-in shock sensor, GEGO records and monitors impact, helps you control the handling of your equipment and provides you with a complaint report of your transportation. It can alert you when a potential damage occurs and helps you prove where and when the damage occurred by saving it in its log.

Bringing all to an end, the goal of reducing in-transit damage is nothing new, but new tools and technologies are capable of identifying the root cause of these damages with exact precision which gives a new level of optimization.

To learn more about how GEGO can help you identify and reduce in-transit damage in your supply chain, please contact us.

What makes GEGO the best tracker on the market?

GEGO is the only tracker on the market with a US Patent (#20110241874A1). It means our unique technology allows the device to automatically switch off and on when the plane takes off and lands. This is what makes it fully compliant with TSA, FAA, IATA and all air regulations. It also means GEGO is allowed to be inside any  kind of shipment.